A Complete System

At Interbalance, we use the latest in Hair Mineral Analysis to provide a complete snapshot of the bodily system, this than allows us to align the bodies biochemistry accordingly....

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Nutritional Balancing Science

We use a method known as Nutritional Balancing Science in order to accomplish this. This is a complete program specifically designed for the individuals unique biochemistry. This...

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About Dr. Eck

Nutritional Balancing Science was first developed by a brilliant researcher by the name of Dr. Paul Eck. His intellect and understanding of systems was truly amazing, and still...

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“I pursued Nutritional Balancing for my hyperthyroidism which I was able to overcome in a few months. Yay!!! I continued with the program despite that because I still had adrenal fatigue and other problems.

Well, recently, I finally decided to totally cut out sugar from my diet, I’m such an addict, I just couldn’t give it up. And lo and behold, now I’m pregnant! I had been trying to conceive 15 years earlier and when nothing happened, I just thought, I’ll never conceive now, I’m getting old. So we never used birth control. Well, beware, nutritional balancing can reverse infertility, so if you’re not planning to have any more kids, take the proper precautions. It was never in my plans to have a baby at 49 years old.”

– S.K., California



“I am a 36 year old woman who has been through chronic fatigue syndrome/adrenal exhaustion issues since I was 17. Through most of those years I tried every kind of Western and Eastern medicine imaginable, and I never experienced much change.

Once I began the nutritional balancing program/healing process, I began to make amazing strides in the right direction toward an exponential increase in my energy. My initial hair test showed a “bowl pattern” (a high Ca/Mg ratio along with a low Na/K ratio) which comes with a feeling of being stuck or trapped in your life, and I very much did at that time.

The next hair mineral test showed that I had “climbed out the bowl” so to speak, and that is when some big changes began to happen in many areas of my life. The low Na/K ratio of my initial test also indicated a lot of chronic, low-grade infections in my system. Continued hair testing has shown this has been getting better. I still have healing to do as I continue a careful diet along with supplements, but I have come a very, very long way since I started this program.

Amazingly, as my body has rid itself of toxic metals I have accumulated from my environment, I have felt that there have been many less toxic people/situations in my life. As my body has become more full of the vital nutrients I was lacking for most of my life, I have become more fully myself and have been more true to my life’s calling. I wish every person in the world could go through this program as there would be so much less anxiety, depression, and anger in each of us…instead there would be so much more hope, peace, and clarity.”




Thank you for giving back a son to his widowed mother and to us. David, who was diagnosed schizophrenic many years ago, now appears well. He is making plans for the future and is looking for any work, even temporary, until he can enter the field he graduated in from the University. He is most deeply grateful.

I feel how weak are any of my words that could express to you the grateful joy we feel in seeing his recovery. His health may be found in the seven methods you gave us to use and in his emotionally resolving parts of his life with the help of our Heavenly Lord.

We wasted a couple of years in search, and in trials and errors, until we found and contacted you about a year ago. Since then and after about ten-months time of applying nutritional balancing science methods we have witnessed the young man return to health and to the great human being he was before.

– Dr. M.L., MD



Interbalance was founded by Luke Pryor in 2013. He created this business with one goal in mind, to provide easy access to Nutritional Balancing programs for people around the world.

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Latest News

One of the “super foods” that we recommend is organic blue corn. This amazing food can be eaten in the form of blue corn chips, blue corn meal, or blue corn tortillas. What makes blue corn blue, is actually antioxidants that are present in things like blueberries and give them that blue color. What makes blue corn especially good however is that it contains a very special form of selenium that is very well utilized by the body when compared to selenium in other foods.